Stefano Bressani - Sculture vestite

Stefano Bressani Sculptures Dressed

The Magic of the fabrics becomes Art

Photography  Photography

The photograph declares the start of my sculpture. Through my eyes translate the images that the world gives me to create emotional expressiveness. The eye of the photographic machine becomes the medium of translation between these objects-and those who choose to interpret.

Design Design

The drawing, engraving and cutting the textile materials are part of the my first breakdown and again overturn the concept between the different size in the combination of photography and sculpture. As master of this technique I continue to experiment with trying to move my limits.


Materials  Materials

The materials and fabrics that I use only come from the world of fashion and clothing. Colors, shapes and sensations come to me managed wisely using the textures of fabrics to emphasize the volumes. a sample changing.

Dressed Sculptures Dressed Sculptures

Dressed sculptures by Stefano Bressani transform its image logo recognition for their work. A tag distinctive born from the concept of and contrasting different concepts that use the nail to stop on work itself. Another uniqueness.

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